STRESS ECHO* provides a streamlined workflow for routine stress echo analysis.

The software immediately arranges the automatically synchronized loops for rapid viewing.

Additional shuffle functions are available for the comparison of arbitrary loops.

Your vendor independent offline solution for pharmacological and exercise stress echo analysis

Sorting and scoring of stress echo studies

  • Reduced mouse clicks by functions like auto-layout, sorting and synchronisation
  • Quick browse through all selected clips in the review by using the dog-ear

Analysis and reporting of stress echo loops

  • Easy colour-coded Wall Motion Scoring with quick assignment tools
  • 16- and 17-segment scoring layouts
  • Export of wall motion Scoring values to TTA reporting


  • User setting options for an optimal customization to your personal preferences
  • Different scoring options like 4, 5 or 7 points model
  • Different workflow options - with or without pre-selection of clips

* STRESS ECHO is called ECHO-COM and is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.