IMAGE-COM Measurements

Extensive solution for cardio-vascular offline measurements and multi-purpose processing of findings

IMAGE-COM* Measurements offer a huge number of offline measurements. DICOM SRs from US carts are automatically imported into a comprehensive worksheet for easy comparison, re-measuring and export. Findings can easily be transferred to report or EMR/HIS and are available for later data mining and further analysis.

Export of multiple findings can be selected individually according to average, lowest, highest, first or last. Conformity to common guidelines: ASE, IAC, ACC and ESC.

Import from modality, re-measurement, manage and export of all your findings

Cardiac measurements*

Vascular measurements*

Pediatric measurements*

Semi-automated standard measurements*

Complete echocardiographic measurement package with labeled M-Mode, Doppler and 2D measurements

Comprehensive vascular measurement package with labeled measurements for all major vessels 

Measurement package with a comprehensive range of 2D, M-mode and Doppler pediatric measurements

Clinically relevant and guideline conform cardiac measurements semi-automated by AI driven algorithms

  • All measurements, including measurements imported from US systems, are summarized in the worksheet
  • Link between measurement and image: one click to get from the measurement to the image
  • Up to five values for each measurement parameter with individual selection of the final value according to average, first, last, minimum or maximum
  • Re-measurement of complete studies
  • Manual or automated measurement export in several formats: DICOM structured report: TID5200, TID5100, TID5220, TID3202, TID3213; EPICXML; XML
  • Generic measurements such as distance, area, time, acceleration/deceleration, VTI, velocity
  • Generic measurements can be assigned to a specific measurement value in a later stage

* Is part of TOMTEC-ARENA.