Cathlab option IMAGE-COM


Cathlab: Coronary angiography is routinely used for diagnosis and treatment of patients who have or are at risk of coronary artery disease. In clinical practice visual estimation has limitations such as high variability associated with operator experience and only general estimation of the vessel dimensions.

Integrated cath solution for QCA and QLVA





DSA is a clinical analysis package to visualize digital subtraction angiograms. It provides enhanced display of XA vessel images using automated image masking and DSA summation over time (vascular trace).

  • DSA with default or user selected reference frame
  • Compensation of motion artifacts using automated pixel shift

Clinical solution for quantitative coronary analysis based on an automated contour detectionof coronary angiograms.

  • Two-clicks – one border proposal
  • Total control – verification of final results by user
  • Stenosis quantification on calibrated and uncalibrated images
  • Calculation of stenosis diameter and area, obstruction and reference diameters and obstruction length
  • Graphical display: diameter curves, stenosis overlays

Cath-QLVA is a clinical analysis package to quantify left ventricular volumes and function.

  • Left ventricular volumes like EDV, ESV
  • Ejection fraction (EF), stroke volume (SV) and cardiac oputput (CO)
  • Various single plane and biplane calculation methods like area-length and Simpson method of disk for all results
  • Review, editing and verification of final results
  • Fast and intuitive workflow