Cardiac 3D Quantification

Biplane ejection fraction with no foreshortening

The Cardiac 3D Quantification* (Cardiac 3DQ) Q-App provides tools for calculating global function using end-diastolic volume (EDV), end-systolic volume (ESV), and a biplane Simpsons ejection fraction (EF).

By using a 3D volume, it removes any issues of foreshortening in the calculation. If preferred you can also calculate the LV mass from the acquisition.

Biplane ejection fraction using 3D dataset

Single 3D volume acquisition

  • Provides a biplane ejection fraction using 3D echo
  • Eliminates need for two separate views

Simple guided workflow

  • Simple and easy to align planes
  • Provides both diastolic and systolic volume templates

Biplane ejection fraction with no foreshortening

  • Provides measurement from a single cardiac cycles

* 3DQ is part of QLAB by PHILIPS.