3D echo data vendor-independent review

Display 3D/4D cardiac ultrasound datasets side-by-side with 2D images. It can read and process proprietary 3D data formats of most vendors. The display and navigation of multiplanar reconstructions (MPRs) and volume rendering (VR) helps to analyze complex morphologies in 3D. With the unique navigation tool D↑art, 3D views can be cropped easily with just two mouse-clicks.

2D/3D clinical study evaluation

3D imaging navigation and rendering

  • 3D imaging navigation and rendering
  • Real-time 3D rendering
  • D`art* navigation tool with"auto-cropping"
  • Orbit Navigation
  • Navigation options via reference images (LOI: Lines of intersection), center point navigation and image navigation (sweep, rotate, pan, orbit)
  • Auto-sweep through dataset

Visualization of vendor-independent 3D echo-data

  • Color-coded 3D display for optimal depth display
  • Setting of threshold and transparency
  • Switch from rendering to cross plan views

Empower the IMAGE-COM review and measurement workflow

  • Measurements on a 2D or MPR view
  • Exporting of AVI/BMP, screenshots and measurements
  • Side-by-side comparison 2D and 3D

* D`Art is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH and is part of TOMTEC-ARENA.