Comprehensive right ventricular analyses, the right way

The right ventricular quantification tool for clinical routine work, pulmonary hypertension and right sided heart failure.­

3D Auto RV* allows complete evaluation of the right ventricle and combines 3D and 2D
values including EDV, EDVi, ESV, ESVi, EF and SV, RVLS, TAPSE and FAC.

3D Auto RV helps to overcome the RV complexity by calculating standard values based on a 3D surface model. A detailed and easy to follow workflow allows users to adapt the proposed contour quick and easy.

Overcome the challenges of right ventricle geometry

Automated 2D measurements with every 3D analysis

  • 3D measurement results: RV EDV, EDVi, ESV, ESVi, EF, SV
  • Guideline conform 2D measurement results: TAPSE, distances, FAC

The two minutes tool for your right ventricle analysis

  • Automated contour proposal - no laborious contour drawing
  • Quick and reproducible results

Visualize the complex RV shape in 3D

  • Calculating right ventricular data based on a complex 3D surface model
  • Validated model of the right ventricle
  • Display your model in combination with 2D planes for a better control


* 4D RV-FUNCTION is the official module name and is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.