2D Cardiac Performance Analysis

Vendor independent speckle tracking analysis to quantify cardiac wall motion in 2D ultrasound data

2D CARDIAC PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS©* is a vendor independent, offline solution for the quantification of cardiac deformation. Detailed analysis of myocardial velocity, displacement, strain and strain rate is performed based on 2D speckle tracking in the long or short axis views of the left
ventricle, in the right ventricle or in the left atrium. Basic parameter assessment as well as advanced quantifications, together with comprehensive result export options, make 2D CARDIAC PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS suitable for research and routine use.

Versatile analysis of left ventricle, right ventricle or left atrium

One application for a variety of indications

  • Regional myocardial function analysis
  • Assess diastolic function
  • Early detection of heart function impairment in cardiomyopathies
  • Monitor subclinical changes or therapy over time

    Versatile analysis options

    • Analysis of LV, RV and Left Atrium
    • Bull‘s eye analysis based on long axis or short axis views
    • Same analysis independent of ultrasound system

      Advanced cardiac motion assessment

      • Semi-automatic initial contour proposal
      • Extensive export options for further post-processing
      • Regional analysis of velocity, displacement, strain and strain rate
      • Advanced motion visualization


          Aparna Kulkarni MD

          Pediatric Cardiologist

          “I have used the TOMTEC Image-Arena platform for strain quantification in fetal and pediatric research. I found the 2D strain quantification algorithm user-friendly and extremely time efficient; a few easy steps produce the results in a nice visual graphic. I especially like the feature of being able to export the results quickly into well-formatted Excel sheets. This has allowed me to compile complex and extensive strain data for quick data analysis.”

          * Is part of TOMTEC-ARENATM