TOMTEC at the ACC 2017 in Washington

Cleveland Clinic physician Allan L. Klein, MD, FASE, visited the TOMTEC booth at ACC in March and experienced Virtual Reality and echocardiography manipulating a 3D model of the heart. With this playful approach, TOMTEC demonstrates the possibilities of virtual space, allowing 3D views and extraordinary angles from which visitors can examine dissected parts of the heart with the help of a VR controller.

In a second step the prospective customer can discover the automated cardiovascular image analytics TOMTEC offers with their latest software modules, as well as the newest innovation TOMTEC ZERO.

TOMTE ZERO is the web enabled generation of cardiovascular software solutions. Accessible through web browsers, it breaks down the barriers imposed by traditional workstations and the boundaries of hospitals. Full diagnostic review with access to all relevant clinical tools (including automated strain measurements), provides the same user experience as workstations, however at any location.