TOMTEC, to the heart, in the heart, for the heart!

This was the slogan Philips created for the amazing launch event of TOMTEC-ARENA in China. Along with the 15th National Echocardiography Academic Conference, organized by Chinese Society of Ultrasound on June 25th in the Xi’An Province, over 400 customers have joined this exceptional event.

The Launch Meeting was impressively opened by top-class key speakers such as Prof. Jian Guo Li, Peking University and Prof. Hao Wang, Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital, President and Chairman of Echocardiography Committee in Chinese Society of Ultrasonic Medical Engineering, respectively, as well as Mr. Roger Cai, Vice president of Philips Great China.

Another highlight that emphasized the festivity of this event was a 10-minute spectacular drumming performance that absolutely thrilled the audience and created an unique atmosphere. The introduction of TOMTEC IVP focused on its key functions and features.

Two excellent videos from Prof. Roberto M. Lang, University of Chicago, and Prof. Hani Mahmoud-Elsayed, Aswan Heart Center, Egypt, demonstrating the clinical value of TOMTEC by experiencing it through a number of real case studies, ensured a great finale.

This impressive launch into the Chinese market was definitely a fantastic start for TOMTEC-ARENA in China.