Workstation Solution

Are you still doing most of your diagnosis and documentation at your modality?

Bringing review, analysis and reporting to a separate workstation can free up valuable resources for a higher patient throughput. Enable task sharing between acquisition and reading/post-processing!

But there are many more reasons to consider a workstation: Generating lots of raw data that is not all intended to be archived? A Quality Control workstation can help to review studies and select, what you want to store.

Are you running a research project? A research workstation can help you separate out data and perform dedicated analysis following a special protocol. As Mini-PACS a TOMTEC workstation can help researchers to accomplish their study goals without interfering with the clinical routine data workflow.

Our high performance viewer for ultrasound (US), X-Ray Angiography (XA) and Nuclear Medicine (NM)* examinations provides a comprehensive feature set for rapid and clear review of still images and image sequences. 3D/4D multiplanar reconstruction and side-by-side comparison of current and prior studies can provide additional clinical information.

The Measurement Module provides measurement capabilities for Echocardiography, Vascular and XA examinations. Measurements that have already been performed on the US or XA machine are added to the Worksheet.

For transparency and traceability, measurements are directly linked to the corresponding images. Easily add images and/or cine loop, de-identify studies for presentations and export images in different formats. Measurements and calculated values can be exported to the connected reporting system.

Dedicated Clinical Applications are also available to further analyze the data and visualize complex findings. 

Scalable Workstation Setup

A stand-alone workstation can be extended to a small/medium network able to address Research Labs, Core Labs and small Department units.

Workstation Solution

Cardiovascular Ultrasound