Enterprise Imaging Solution

The biggest trend in health information technology today is the movement towards Enterprise Imaging and Data Management Systems.

By consolidating all data into a single repository, you do not have to maintain silos of storage, with the next evolution being big data and analytics.

TOMTEC is addressing the issue of multiple viewers for different types of images. By having a single viewer that can be pulled up in the VNA through the hospital’s EMR solution, you can avoid managing multiple applications and corresponding software updates. It also provides a consistent view for the user across all the “-ologies.”

TOMTEC is integrated with most leading Enterprise Imaging solutions in the market using a customized GUI and workflow to allow a seamless and efficient user experience.


TOMTEC works closely with our partners with the committed mutual goal of providing the best possible solution for customers.

We partner with companies that bundle our technology within their own products, combine our solutions with theirs for a full-solution offering, or resell our solutions as an extension of their product portfolio.

Integrated Enterprise Solution

Cardiovascular Ultrasound