Departmental Solution

We know about the needs of departments that a universal viewer cannot fulfill. While Radiology focuses on still images, Cardiology requires dynamic images. While in one department unstructured reporting on finding is the method of choice, the other needs structured reporting with a few thousand measurements being labeled and reported on. Image Analysis is so different amongst modalities that a single tool can’t do the trick.

That’s why we offer specialized review and reporting tools plus analysis applications to address those individual requirements.

The good news is, that your departmental imaging solution can still be fully integrated with the hospital backbone while offering you a private data storage and independent workflow.

Performing a research project might only require a single workstation. A diagnostic reading environment might require a client-server network that is connected to the hospital information system and the PACS. Our solution scales well and can be extended as your needs grow.

Once you decide to evolve into an enterprise imaging solution you can be sure that all functionality and licenses can be transferred over without barriers.

Archiving, Workflow & Communication

Cardiovascular Ultrasound