Comprehensive image-review and measurements. IMAGE-COM1 is an established DICOM viewer for ultrasound (US) and X-ray Angiography (XA)
examinations. Prior studies can easily be compared with current examinations and simultaneously displayed with US, XA and IVUS, IVOCT/OCT and NM examinations.

IMAGE-COM provides a comprehensive feature set for review of still images and image sequences.

IMAGE-COM offers a vast number of offline measurements.
The IMAGE-COM measurement modules provide measurement capabilities for echocardiography and vascular examinations, and for X-Ray angiographic images.
IMAGE-COM has been developed to speed up your workflow in the daily routine.


Clinical Benefits

  • Fast access (data available in one click), mainly focused for routine monitoring. A study can be reviewed with various functions like different screen tiles, zoom, flip, rotate etc.
  • More efficient use of your ultrasound machines by image acquisition with modality and measuring in IMAGE-COM.
  • Better traceability and transparency of the measurements through a link between each measurement and the corresponding image.

Main Features

Imaging review

  • Multi modality viewer
  • Vendor neutral 3D/4D MPR viewer
  • All TOMTEC applications can be launched from IMAGE-COM
  • Side-by-side comparison (US, XA, NM, IVUS, IVOCT)
  • Complete review of secondary studies and quick acess to prior finalized reports
  • AVI, BMP, JPEG or DCM export
  • “DSA” digital subtraction angiography
  • Filter on thumbnails preview (2D, 3D, SR, PDF, Bookmark)
  • Dual monitor setup capability (combined with Reporting)

Ultrasound (US) and X-Ray Angiography (XA)

  • Automated US measurement value import
  • XA viewer with biplane imaging support, display of ECG, acquisition angles
  • Smart link between measurement and image
  • Images and worksheet on different monitors
  • Workflow support through measurement tools
  • Worksheet management
    • up to five values for each parameter
    • avg, first, last, min, max selection
  • XA analysis for Coronary Stenosis
  • Quantification and Left Ventricle Analysis (auto/manual)
  • Measurement export in different formats (auto/manual)
  • Cardiovascular measurement packages for 2D echo, M-Mode and Doppler studies
  • Control for completeness of measurement data

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Applications

Cathlab Applications


1 IMAGE-COM is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.