Cutting-edge Cardiology Diagnostic Suite accessible through web browsers!

The proven TOMTEC-ARENA application portfolio is now accessible over the web without the need to install any software: Whether you are inside the hospital, a practice network, or remote, TOMTEC ZERO1 provides diagnostic-grade quality access to image review, image analysis as well as structured reporting.

Natively designed for the web, it breaks down the barriers imposed by traditional workstations and organizational boundaries and allows new workflows. TOMTEC ZERO expands a TOMTEC-ARENA installation and allows flexible use of all clinical tools either within a web browser or from a desktop-client in in a reading room.TOMTEC ZERO can be seamlessly integrated into current workflows as it provides an open interface to your existing practice management system, CVIS, PACS or EMR for quick access to your exams and reports.

TOMTEC ZERO is the web-based version of TOMTEC-ARENA

¬ Supports 19+ languages
¬ available in 160+ countries
¬ intuitive and seamless user experience on desktop- and web-clients
¬ more than 30.000 TOMTEC-ARENA modules in use worldwide
¬ Innovating the healthcare market for more than 30 years


Choose Your Setup!

Small Private Practice

You expect the best clinical product, cost-effective licensing and minimal hardware requirements?

  • We offer a “small business” pricing model tailored to the needs of private practices, with a selection of clinical tools including premium TOMTEC service with an up-to-date maintenance contract to ensure you benefit from latest development and comply with current medical standards and governmental regulations.
  • TOMTEC ZERO helps you to review and report remotely - anytime, anywhere2,3.
  • Collaborate with clinics and other experts.

Large Private Practice/Group Practice

Collaboration and distributing work and outcomes within the team is key for you?

  • With TOMTEC ZERO you can share your licenses across the practice network, regardless if you work on a workstation or need to access clinical data via web.
  • Connect clinic locations easily to facilitate collaboration and education and enable your team to review, analyze and report clinical cases from any location.
  • Pricing models for large practices include concurrent user or annual study volume licenses.


Hospital Echo Departments and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)

Tight collaboration with referring Physicians, multiple departments, satellite locations challenge your IT investment strategy?

  • TOMTEC ZERO integrates seamlessly with existing EMR, PACS, CVIS to manage your work. The Enterprise setup of TTZ reduces the load on the hospital network with streaming of images rather than download image data to viewing clients and enables inter-departmental image and report review: access images no matter where you are in the clinical environment. Save on hardware and burden on IT with zero installation and configuration on viewing clients.

Research Labs

Conducting a clinical study together with other research labs and looking for an easy to host-, easy to deploy solution which ensures everyone using the same setup and tools?

  • TOMTEC ZERO provides easy access to study data for researchers in multiple locations. Avoid inter-vendor variability in analysis outcomes and software version variability with TOMTE ZERO. One central installation, consistent workflow, no software installation required on clients, makes a setup easy and cost efficient. Simply connect to a secure server and go!

Licensing models according to your requirements

No matter if you are a small business or a hospital chain, our flexible license models fit your budget and needs:

1. Concurrent User Licensing - Limit your cost by the number of users for certain functionality. Purchased applications can be accessed from desktop clients as well as from a web-environment. You determine, how many users are allowed to use web-access for the most economic pricing model with unlimited annual study volume.

2. Annual Study Volume - Fits medical organizations with changing users, collaboration scenarios, remote location setups where the annual study volume is known, and all users should have access to all TOMTEC tools. This model is a capital purchase model. An up-to-date maintenance contract keeps your mind at peace and your focus on your patients.


1 Is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.
2 Any access outside the hospital requires a secure VPN connection.
3 Environments are hospitals, clinics and physician's offices.
4 Requires certificates and proxy server which are not part of TOMTEC-ARENA.