Increase efficiency and quality with customized structured reporting

Echo & Vascular Report* is TOMTEC’s structured reporting solution to generate professional reports in a quick and intuitive way. Easy to use customization tools enable the physician to tailor the report to individual and specific needs.
Echo & Vascular Report is fully integrated with TOMTEC-ARENA to offer a clinical solution that accelerates report generation and interfaces to Hospital Information Systems for efficient report distribution.





Structured Reporting - Create consistent high quality reports

Intuitive User Interface & Navigation

  • Easy access to common findings
  • Easy navigation to specific cardiac structures
  • User configuration at various levels
  • Report template configuration
  • Customized findings

Streamline Workflow

  • Web based solution to report and review results anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce transcription by fully automated import of measurements from Ultrasound devices
  • Auto populate user configurable content to report
  • Quickfill* option to automatically populate findings based on predefined disease
  • Integrated workflow with imaging & analysis tools
  • Ability to manually enter measurements that automatically update corresponding calculations

High Quality Content

  • Guideline conform reporting templates and norm values
  • Automated quality assessment of measurements based on published standards (Quality Seal based on ASE standards)
  • Auto Summary


*is a module of TOMTEC-ARENATM and available end of 2017