Increase efficiency and quality with customized structured reporting

REPORTING* is a comprehensive solution for structured reporting in the Adult Echocardiography, Pediatric and Vascular ultrasound labs. Study and measurement data are taken over automatically to generate professional reports in a quick and intuitive way. The guideline conform buildup of the worksheets increases the overall quality of clinical documentation. Physicians can tailor the report to individual and specific needs with easy to use customization tools. The reporting workspaces are fully integrated with TOMTEC-ARENA to offer a clinical solution that accelerates report generation and interfaces to hospital information & EMR systems for efficient report distribution.

Structured Reporting - Create consistent high quality reports

Intuitive User Interface & Navigation

  • Easy access to common findings
  • Easy navigation to specific cardiac and vascular structures
  • User customization at various levels
    • Report template customization
    • Customized findings
    • Customized normal ranges
    • Customized measurement tables

Streamline Workflow

  • Web based solution to report and review results anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce transcription by fully automated import of measurements from ultrasound devices
  • Auto populate user configurable content to report
  • Quickfill option to automatically populate findings based on predefined disease
  • Integrated workflow with imaging & analysis tools
  • Dynamic side by side preview of the report

    High Quality Content

    • Guideline conform reporting and normal ranges
    • Automated quality assessment of measurements based on published standards (QualitySeal based on ASE standards)
    • Auto Summary

    Customer Experiences

    The crucial reason to work with TOMTEC was that the company could also implement our complex demands for reporting templates into reality.

    PD Dr. Christoph Sinning, University Heart Center Hamburg, Germany

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    *REPORTING is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. 

    TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.