Remote Reading

With our lives and communication turning mobile, new ways of interaction become possible for better patient care. As medical device manufacturer, we can support those technologies to access all clinical data and provide the appropriate tools to analyze and report on images anytime and anywhere from outside the facility:

Outsource specialty reading

  • Perform image acquisition locally, but let an expert located in a different facility read and report on the dataset.
  • Enlarge your portfolio of clinical services at lower cost

Hold collaboration sessions

  • Share patient studies for pre-surgical/interventional-, second opinion- or collaboration sessions especially when multi-modality examinations are necessary

Access on call

  • Get access to clinical data as reading physician once you are on call from your notebook or mobile device

Which solution can TOMTEC offer?


Web-Access via TOMTEC ZERO

TOMTEC ZERO1 software is a state-of-the-art cardiology review and analysis solution. It enables instant access from web browsers and mobile devices to diagnostic-grade images and clinical tools.

Globally accredited for diagnosis using mobile devices and desktop computers, TOMTEC ZERO provides powerful capabilities critical to healthcare: image review, comprehensive measurements, automated image analysis, measurement mappings and reporting with integration capabilities to PACS/VNA/EMR. TOMTEC ZERO enhances access to health information with streamlined workflows that enable physicians to make diagnoses or treatment decisions faster by providing the tools necessary.


Remote Reading via VPN*:

Full workstation access over Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology creates an encrypted connection of a secure network. Availability of VPN is depending on project specifications.
Please contact TOMTEC for specific solution requests.

Remote Reading via Citrix*:

TOMTEC solutions can be deployed in a Citrix environment offered by some of our Enterprise Imaging partners. Availability of direct CITRIX solution is dependent on project specifications.
Please contact TOMTEC for specific Citrix-Based solution requests.


Enterprise Imaging partners providing TOMTEC in a CITRIX environment:


1) TOMTEC ZERO is part of TOMTEC-ARENA™ and is planned for sale end of 2017