Heart Failure

30 Million People Worldwide Suffer from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

More than 5 million people suffering from heart failure reside in the United States. In 2008, over 28 billion dollars was spent treating and diagnosing this condition. With such alarming facts, it comes as no surprise that CHF continues to be a worldwide health concern.


Early Stages of Heart Failure

The ability to track subclinical deteriorations in heart function will enable providers to more closely monitor early stages of heart failure. Patients that are more closely monitored are less likely to suffer from heart failure related symptoms and reduce the progression of later stages. The assessment of subclinical deteriorations is the key to greater confidence and greater success in treating heart failure.


Later Stages of Heart Failure

In patients who suffer from later stages of heart failure, TOMTEC delivers applications that provide consistent, automated and reproducible results that allow physicians to closely monitor both left ventricular and right ventricular remodeling.



The innovative solutions from TOMTEC provide clinicians with endless opportunities. These solutions range from detecting early stages of heart failure, to selecting CRT candidates for device lead placement. 

TOMTEC Solutions for Heart Failure provide:

  • Vendor neutral analysis
  • Consistent results across multiple vendors
  • Freedom of choice of vendors
  • Fully Automated solutions
  • Highly reproducible results
  • Ability to monitor subclinical findings
  • Streamline your labs workflow
  • Ability to develop heart failure protocols
  • Direction of standardizing AV optimization protocols (Increase responder rate)

All Heart Failure Applications


"Two click" Biplane left ventricular volume quantification with automated contour proposals for EF assessment


Solution to analyze intima-media thickness of the carotid artery

AutoStrain LV/RV/LA

The application provides measurement tools for Strain analysis. It is powered by Auto View Rechognition, Auto Contour Placement and speckle tracking


Global and regional assessment of myocardial mechanics


3D Quantification of left ventricular global and regional function


Comprehensive evaluation of right ventricular analysis, the right way


Complete echocardiographic measurement package with labeled M-Mode, Doppler and 2D measurements