Cardio-toxicity is one of the most concerning side effects of cancer therapy

Early detection and monitoring of any cardiac side effects, before visual changes occur, is essential during cancer treatment. Can global and/or regional longitudinal strain data be useful in detecting subclinical deteriorations of the myocardium, long before the visual decrease in left ventricular ejection fraction in patients exposed to cardiotoxic chemotherapy agents takes effect? If so, how can cardiology software solutions such as 4D LV-Analysis, 2D Cardiac Performance Analysis and AutoLV support monitoring and the clinical decision-making process?

Subclinical Markers of Myocardial Deteriorations recent publications have shown that global and/or regional strain has a higher sensitivity to observe subclinical deteriorations. Cardiology can communicate this to oncology before lasting damage has been caused. This may also help guide treatment and thus avoid cardiac side effects caused by anthracycline treatment.

Vendor-neutral and automated solutions for strain imaging offer the ability to derive consistent reliable and highly reproducible clinical markers for cardio-oncology. TOMTEC solutions for diagnosis and monitoring cardiac side effects during cancer treatment provide clinicians with reliable and reproducible decision making data.

TOMTEC Solutions for Cardio-Oncology provide:

  • Vendor-neutral analysis of 2D and 3D echocardiograms
  • Highly automated, reliable and reproducible echocardiography measurements
  • Clinical markers to detect subclinical myocardial deteriorations
  • Seamless integration into clinical workflows

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Automated strain analysis and quantitative visualization of left ventricular function


Vendor independent speckle tracking analysis to quantify cardiac wall motion in 2D ultrasound data


3D Quantification of left ventricular global and regional function


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