Medis QAngio XA

QAngio® XA* is an extended analysis package to quantify the stenosis of coronary and peripheral arteries and the left and right ventricular quantification in angiograms. QAngio XA is based on the QCA-CMS™ analysis package from Medis Medical Imaging. QAngio XA O/BA enables the analysis of coronary segments close to vessel origin and coronary bifurcations.

  • Saves time with fast analysis and easy to use, intuitive workflows
  • Offers validated, reproducible results that you can rely on
  • Accurate analysis of lumen and reference measurements support device and treatment selection
  • Decreases inter-observer and intra-observer variability
  • Reduces time required for image post-processing
  • Drag and drop images for simple and fast selection of analysis acquisitions
  • Isocenter calibration, reducing analysis time and observer variability


Display of most important analysis results on the image

  • T-shape and Y-shape bifurcation analysis now include angle measurements
  • Analysis of left and right ventriculograms

The Trusted Solution for Coronary, Peripheral and Ventricular Angiographic Analysis

*QAngio is manufactured by MEDIS and is a registered trademark of Medis medical imaging systems bv in the United States and in other countries