In cardiovascular diagnosis we know more than 2000 labelled measurements that are being used for documentation and comparison against norm-values published by ACC and ESC. Besides a visual inspection of the images, those measurements are key to quality diagnosis and therapy planning.

TOMTEC offers various measurement packages to investigate, classify and document findings. We ensure, that measurements from the modality are being read, mapped, re-measured/verified and then transferred to a report and the electronic patient record.

Today’s challenge most echo and vascular carts on the market today produce DICOM Structured Reports (SR). The DICOM SR standards describe how recorded observations and measurements are to be structured and included along with the images produced by the cart. Because the standard is flexible, the data included differs from one manufacturer to another. As a result, getting the data from the cart to properly match the fields that you want to see in your reports can be a real challenge.

TOMTEC’s solution

TOMTEC Measurement Mapping Servic* (TMMS) standardizes the diverse DICOM SR formats of various vendors to a defined output format which ensures proper display of measurements in a final report. Let us take care of customized measurements and the many DICOM SR mappings that challenge your life eyery day! DICOM Structured Reporting Templates, in addition to XML based format templates, are available for exporting.

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* Is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.