Comprehensive image-review and measurements. IMAGE-COM1 is an established DICOM viewer for ultrasound (US) and X-ray Angiography (XA)
examinations. Prior studies can easily be compared with current examinations and simultaneously displayed with US, XA and IVUS, IVOCT/OCT and NM examinations.

IMAGE-COM provides a comprehensive feature set for review of still images and image sequences.

IMAGE-COM offers a vast number of offline measurements.
The IMAGE-COM measurement modules provide measurement capabilities for echocardiography and vascular examinations, and for X-Ray angiographic images.
IMAGE-COM has been developed to speed up your workflow in the daily routine.


Clinical Benefits

  • Fast access (data available in one click), mainly focused for routine monitoring. A study can be reviewed with various functions like different screen tiles, zoom, flip, rotate etc.
  • More efficient use of your ultrasound machines by image acquisition with modality and measuring in IMAGE-COM.
  • Better traceability and transparency of the measurements through a link between each measurement and the corresponding image.

Main Features

Imaging review

  • Multi modality viewer
  • Vendor neutral 3D/4D MPR viewer
  • All TOMTEC applications can be launched from IMAGE-COM
  • Side-by-side comparison (US, XA, NM, IVUS, IVOCT)
  • Complete review of secondary studies and quick acess to prior finalized reports
  • AVI, BMP, JPEG or DCM export
  • “DSA” digital subtraction angiography
  • Filter on thumbnails preview (2D, 3D, SR, PDF, Bookmark)
  • Dual monitor setup capability (combined with Reporting)

Ultrasound (US) and X-Ray Angiography (XA)

  • Automated US measurement value import
  • XA viewer with biplane imaging support, display of ECG, acquisition angles
  • Smart link between measurement and image
  • Images and worksheet on different monitors
  • Workflow support through measurement tools
  • Worksheet management
    • up to five values for each parameter
    • avg, first, last, min, max selection
  • XA analysis for Coronary Stenosis
  • Quantification and Left Ventricle Analysis (auto/manual)
  • Measurement export in different formats (auto/manual)
  • Cardiovascular measurement packages for 2D echo, M-Mode and Doppler studies
  • Control for completeness of measurement data

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Applications


Display of 3D/4D cardiac ultrasound side-by-side with 2D images


Complete echocardiographic measurement package with labeled M-Mode, Doppler and 2D measurements


Vascular measurement package with labeled measurements for all major vessels


Measurement package with a comprehensive range of 2D, M-Mode and Doppler pediatric measurements


”Two click” Biplane left ventricular volume quantification with automated contour proposals for EF assessment


Solution to analyze intima-media thickness of the carotid artery


Quantification of global and regional function, including longitudinal strain, based on automated contour detection and tracking


Biplane LA volume quantification by just selectiong two clips

Cathlab Applications


Enhanced display of peripheral vessels with automatic image summation over time and compensation of motion artifacts


Clinical solution for quantitative coronary analysis based on an automated contour detection of coronary angiograms


Quantification of left ventricular volumes and function


1 IMAGE-COM is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.
Commercial availability in US pending.