AutoStrain Suite LV/RV/LA/SAX

The AutoStrain* application provides measurement tools for Strain analysis of the left ventricle (LV), the right ventricle (RV) or the left atrium (LA) to assess cardiac function.

Just by selecting the loops and starting the application,  the user gets immediate results based on automated proposals for view labels and endocardial border definitions based on Speckle tracking. This allows the user to focus directly on the interpretation of measurements.

Cardiac function assessment of LV and beyond – Strain Analysis dedicated to LA and RV

Cardiac motion analysis based on 2D clips

  • Auto View Recognition: AutoStrain recognizes A4C, A2C and A3C view and assigns labels
  • Auto Contour Placement: Automated contour definition and speckle tracking for user review
  • Cardiac cycle can be defined manually in case of missing or  bad ECG signal
  • Support of TTE and TEE data

Flexible and standardized LV function assessment

  • Robust, reproducible one-button  GLS measurements for each view and average
  • Waveform analysis for each view  or all segments together
  • Possibility to exclude segments  with bad visibility
  • Strain Analysis of endocardial and mid layer of LV wall
  • Additional EF measurement as biplane Simpson within the application

Deformation imaging of RV and LA

  • Direct measurement of LA reservoir, conduit and contraction strain
  • LA reference time point at  end-diastole or right before atrial  contraction
  • Global RV and free wall strain  measurement
  • Supported strain analysis tool  to perform LV, RV or LA function  assessment


Strain analysis to perform LV function assessment on short axis views

  • Cardiac function assessment based on LV short axis views with automated speckle tracking
  • Global circumferential strain calculation and waveform analysis of GCS and strain rate for each view
  • AutoStrain SAX follows the Strain Task Force Consensus


* AutoStrain Suite consists of AutoStrain LV, AutoStrain SAX, AutoStrain LA and AutoStrain RV which are trademarks of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.