Archiving, Workflow & Communication


Connectivity between IT systems is the key to information sharing, successful collaboration between clinicians, and information exchange with patients, other departments and referring physicians.

TOMTEC DATACENTER supports the most important industry standards for information exchange and beyond:

  • DICOM & HL7 Connectivity
  • Import/Export
  • Support proprietary interfaces and data formats

The Archive Manager1 connects all systems and imaging devices that are compliant with the DICOM Standard to Query, Retrieve, Store and Move images. It can communicate and receive studies from modalities, save them to the local archive, query remote archives and search for specific examinations, send back all results to the long-term archive or copy to external archives.

Use our Import Gateway to easily import all DICOM files (either single or multiple file selection) and folders into the local archive. Patient’s CD and DVD can be imported as well. For massive data import, use our dedicated Bulk Import Tool to save valuable time!

Simply drag & drop files and folders in the specific Bulk Import Area will automatically perform import actions



Your data needs to be safe! Patient history, follow-up visits and legal regulations require archiving of complete patient records.

TOMTEC DATACENTER provides all means to connect to long-term archives as well as storage devices using DICOM Standards.

While supporting SAN, NAS and other storage devices, Archive Manager gives you the highest possible reliability and performance to accelerate your daily work. Use our dedicated Archiving Scheduler to:

  • Perform automatic actions using workflow status
  • Perform automatic DICOM SOP Class specific archiving



The Communication Server1, 2 has been specifically designed to be able to execute performance sensitive actions like routing studies via DICOM or finalizing studies based on user defined triggers.

Using a rule-based service, all actions can be triggered by different events e.g. based on time or study status.

The auto-forwarding feature enables IT administrators to configure the archive server to automatically archive stored DICOM images or send them to another PACS/VNA.

The tasks can be performed immediately or on a specified schedule to further reduce the workload.



Option for TOMTEC DATACENTER to connect different types of archives like NAS, SAN and other storage devices and archive data rule based.


Option for TOMTEC DATACENTER to trigger rule-based actions on data based on study status or time or similar events like auto-forwarding routing etc.

1 For availability with TOMTEC-ARENATM (TTA2) in 2017, please contact TOMTEC!