4D MV-Assessment

Increase your diagnostic confidence for mitral valve therapy

4D MV-ASSESSMENT* helps to analyze the complex anatomy of the mitral valve in 3D as well as its dynamic mechanics in systole. The mitral valve anatomy and topology are visualized with a comprehensive static and dynamic model.
Geometric measurements such as annular dimensions, leaflet morphology and coaptation descriptions can be used from the initial discovery of MV disease/pathology, to support in device planning up to the monitoring of pre- and postoperative cases. Additionally, advanced navigation options and flexible manual measurements in 2D and 3D allow for individual planning of new devices.

Automated alignment and initialization proposals facilitate the workflow. Advanced edit options allow for definition and quantification of Open Coaptation Regions.

Visualization and quantification of the mitral valve in 4D

Supports decision making and monitoring



  • Pre-/postoperative monitoring
  • Generic manual measurements allow for individual assessment in special cases
  • Highlight findings with landmarks

Facilitate communication within the heart team



  • Schematic visualization of MV model together with 3D volume rendering
  • Visualization from surgical or ventricular view direction
  • Evaluation of flail/prolapse topology

Mitral valve analysis based on 4D echo data





  • Streamlined workflow with semiautomated annulus detection
  • Manual review and the possibility to edit the automated model proposal
  • Comprehensive automatic measurements for annulus, leaflets and coaptation

Customer Experiences

Students and trainees in cardiology use 3D models to get a better understanding of the anatomy and pathology of the mitral valves. Here, TOMTEC is ahead of other vendors.

Ziad R. Bulbul, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, Children`s Heart Center at the American University of Beirut Medical Center


* Is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.