4D Cardio-View

Your vendor independent all-purpose solution to review and analyze 3D echo data

4D CARDIO-VIEW * is a vendor independent offline solution to review and analyze 3D echo data. It offers easy and fast navigation to get the perfect 3D view with just two clicks by using the unique D’art* tool. Features like the multi-slice (multiple 2D slices), basic measurements and workflow based volume measurements make 4D CARDIO-VIEW an all-purpose solution for any cardiac structure.
All measurements and views can be stored as bookmarks for easy retrieval at any time.

Spend time on your patient, not on navigation. Use the D‘Art!

Review of complex structures

  • Unique D‘art navigation displays any 3D view with only two clicks
  • D‘Art multiple slice offers multiple 2D slices of a region of interest
  • Landmark navigation shows your points of interest in one view
  • Restore your views and measurements from bookmarks anytime

Improved visualization of multivendor 3D data

  • Adjust treshold and transparency or use filter on your rendered image

One generic tool for various cardiac structure

  • Improved workflow for easier LV and generic volume measurements including LV myocardial mass
  • Distance, area, curve and angle measurements for TAVR planning and pathologies like ASD, VSD size and location
  • Measurements in volume rendered and 2D views


* Is part of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA, CARDIO-VIEW and D`Art are trademarks of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.