Cardiac wall motion analysis based on magnetic resonance cine images

2D CARDIAC PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS MR* measures cardiac wall motion based on cine MRI images to assess cardiac function. Long axis views are combined to compute global measures such as volumes, ejection fraction and global strain values. Segmental strain values are provided to evaluate regional cardiac function of LV, RV or LA.

Quantify your cine MRI images using feature tracking analysis for left ventricle, right ventricle or left atrium

Basic measurements for clinical use

  • Measure volume, area and global strain based on multiple views
  • Reproducible EF based on feature tracking
  • Vendor independent solution

Advanced cardiac motion assessment

  • Regional measurement of velocity, displacement, strain and strain rate
  • Observe contraction abnormalities in strain pattern
  • Extensive export option for further post-processing

Make use of your CMR data

  • no additional scans needed
  • semi-automatic initital contour proposal
  • GLS estimation according to echo strain task force


* Is part of TOMTEC-ARENAâ„¢