Automated strain analysis and quantitative visualization of left ventricular function

AutoSTRAIN* is an automated measurement tool in IMAGE-COM*. It provides the clinician with an automated left ventricular function analysis based on speckle tracking of apical long axis views. Longitudinal strain results are visualized color-coded in the individual clips and combined in a bull’s eye plot. AutoSTRAIN provides automated and reproducible results that allow you to analyze and monitor subclinical changes over time. This ability is extremely important in patients at risk for developing heart disease and for specific populations such as cardio-oncology and CHF patients.

Left ventricular deformation analysis in your clinical routine – just another measurement

Fast and easy assessment of left ventricular deformation and analysis

  • Automated contouring and speckle tracking analysis with only a few clicks
  • Ventricular longitudinal strain assessment based on three apical long axis views

Stay in your regular clinical workflow

  • Stay in your regular review application (No additional software has to be opened)
  • Directly access your results (GLS, segmental ES strain) on the screen and in worksheet and report
  • Possibility to edit contours manually with re-tracking

Ventricular performance at a glance

  • Combined visualization of endsystolic strain and time-to-peak in bull‘s eye view
  • Detailed analysis of segmental strain curves
  • Color-coded dynamic strain overlay on the clips


* Are parts of TOMTEC-ARENA. TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH.

Commercial availability in US pending.