TOMTEC Workshop at the EuroEcho 2018

Clinical cases in the differential diagnosis between athlete’s heart and cardiac disease

December 6th, 2018, Thursday, 4.00 – 5.30

Dr. Stefano Caselli / Italy
Cardiology and Vascular Center Zurich/Switzerland

EuroEcho 2018 in Milan, Practical Tutorial Room 2 

Learning Objectives:    
The heart of an athlete’s is characterized by increased chamber size and mass to accomplish the high cardiac output and increased physical performance during exercise.
In a small number of subjects however, it may be difficult to distinguish between benign cardiac adaptations or early manifestation of a cardiovascular disease.
This distinction is however extremely important since cardiac diseases may be responsible for sport-related sudden cardiac death.
Cardiac imaging plays a major role in this differential diagnosis and specific criteria have been proposed to recognize cardiac anomalies in athletes.