Many challenges exist in today’s digital healthcare age. Each stakeholder has specific requirements which need to be met and exceed the traditional patient - physician relationship. TOMTEC is uniquely positioned to not only address the clinical needs, but also those of patients, providers and last but not least Hospital IT.

TOMTEC's state-of-the-art technology supports physicians to increase efficiency and diagnostic quality through highly automated and reproducible measurements. Patients benefit from it as they now receive clear indications whether they are at risk to develop Heart Failure, whether their therapy is effective and to have the confidence that a Transcatheter procedure is supported by a comprehensive device sizing analysis. Hospital IT appreciates that TOMTEC can be integrated across various existing platforms and that results can be distributed to multiple systems, including EMR, simultaneously. TOMTEC has the solutions to maximize the benefit of digital healthcare today. 

From a single source

For more than 25 years TOMTEC is the single source providing clinical and workflow solutions to end users as well as industry partners. TOMTEC's product portfolio delivers solutions for all of your cardiovascular imaging needs.

What we offer


TOMTEC offers multimodality, vendor neutral imaging and analysis solutions for cardiology and radiology which also include reporting. All products are tailored to either increase efficiency and/or diagnostic quality.

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We provide professional services varying from consultations, installations, trainings including up-to-date maintenance and support contracts.

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With TOMTEC ACADEMY, TOMTEC aims to share knowledge with our end users and partners. Customers with support contracts receive exclusive access to training sessions in the event of updates and or upgrades to their existing software. Monthly webinars cover current clinical topics and introduce new innovative solutions to the market and are available to everyone. Visit our webinars!

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Latest News

Implementation of 4D TTE and 4D TEE in the Routine of the Echocardiography laboratory

How to benefit from the fourth dimension in TTE and TEE:
Live scanning and hands-on with TOMTEC in Dubai


As a kind of warm-up for Arab Health, the largest Healthcare Exhibition in the Middle East (January 28-31), TOMTEC supported a special echo-cardiology workshop organized by Medical Training...

EuroEcho 2018: Hands on, eyes open

TOMTEC fused today’s practice and tomorrow’s prospects

From December 5-8, 2018, Milan was the hub of echocardiography as the ESC held its yearly EuroEcho Imaging event in the capital of the Italian Lombardy region. For TOMTEC, EuroEcho was once again a major opportunity to prove its leading role in...

Latest Events/Exhibitions

Visit our TOMTEC booth at the upcoming events

ACC 2019

03/16/19 - 03/18/19
New Orleans / USA

American College of Cardiology


DMEA 2019

04/09/19 - 04/11/19
Berlin / Germany

Connecting Digital Health


DGK 2019

04/24/19 - 04/27/18
Munich / Germany

85. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie


AEPC 2019

05/15/19 - 05/18/19
Seville / Spain 

Europ. Association for Pediatric Cardiology