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Global and Regional Assessment of Left Ventricular Function

Mitral Valve Assessment: Pre-operative findings collaborating with Intraoperative assessment: A step by step approach.


  • Date: Fri., Dec 6, 2019
  • Time: 9.00–10.30 h
  • Room: Practical Tutorial 4 


The session will focus on mitral valve assessment. The attendees will be able to assess:

  • the global left ventricular function including the use of vendor independent software
  • regional wall motion abnormalities including the segmental coronary supply and their intraoperative implications
  • mitral valve using vendor independent software
  • the correlation of pre and intraoperative findings and their implications on patient outcome


Dr. Chirojit Mukherjee
Helios Hospital for Heart Surgery
Anesthesia and Intensive Care;


EuroEcho19 LV Function Workshop Mukherjee