TOMTEC has decided that it never wants to be questioned by its customers and therefore opts for a new approach with the relaunch of its website

Munich / Germany, 27 October 2016 – TOMTEC, world-wide leader for medical image software solutions, is continuing its CI re-design consistently and thus also restructures their web presence: not only visually but in depth. The clinical approach focuses on its target groups (cardiologists and clinical personnel, IT administrators, collaboration partners, industry partners). The main divisions of the company are reflected in the new main menu, being Products – Services – Education. An all-around service that does not end with the sale of a single product but has a sustainable strategic orientation.

The new menu navigation of allows an intuitive linkage of diverse points of interests that lead to the requested content. However, even within the sub-pages smart, content-oriented continuations according to the respective search area are offered. That way the comprehensive concept is designed very user-friendly and proposes one thought ahead.


The platform TOMTEC-ARENA™ provides automated clinical tools, sorted according to the needs of the core target groups “clinical solutions” and “industry solutions”.

Thereby the company offers solutions for every step of a clinical workflow, which can be divided into the major areas diagnostic imaging, risk management, therapy monitoring and structural heart disease. Each area contains a description of the clinical areas, their needs and a list of the respective applications provided by TOMTEC, which were designed to simplify the clinician’s workflow. All cardiovascular imaging applications, next to obstetrics and gynecology applications, can be found additionally as an overview within the Application Finder. The possibilities for image management are sorted accordingly.

For the stakeholders “industry solutions” (that is B2B vendors, e.g. EMR, PACS/VNA, Modality vendors) the new TOMTEC website offers a compact concept starting with modular solutions, but moreover the company stands out with ongoing maintenance and educational components.

The main idea of the restructuring is that multiple ways lead to the objective the target group is looking for, no matter what feels intuitively to an individual, everyone is supposed to find their search query – plus related “add-on” content.


Within the consultation process TOMTEC tries to find optimization potential within the existing workflow of their customer. TOMTEC project managers assist their customers within the implementation process. Customers under a maintenance and support agreement receive individual and quick assistance plus a frequent update service on top.


The educational part rounds up TOMTEC’s product and service portfolio, emphasizing the full service competence and philosophy of the company. In online info sessions the TOMTEC ACADEMY offers free knowledge transfer within webinars. Training sessions are a more intensified program exclusively held for up-to-date maintenance customers. Live chats and open discussion rounds give the possibility to connect customers among each other, to discuss case studies and share their expertise.

Gregor Malischnig, Chief Marketing Officer at TOMTEC, summarizes the new strategic structure of the company’s website and the self-confident vision behind it: “With the combination of a clinical user-friendly approach together with a content marketing and full-service concept a win-win-situation is created: We focus closely on our customers and their special needs, and profit from their feedback short-term and long-term so that we can develop optimized targeted solutions as follow-up. Not only do we provide excellence in digital healthcare, but we also are an excellent partner and therefore an excellent choice.”


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TOMTEC IMAGING SYSTEMS GMBH, with headquarter located in Munich / Germany, is a worldwide leader for medical image software solutions. Specialized in cardiology it offers state-of-the-art solutions for clinical customers and industry partners.

The products encompass a wide range of 2D and 3D/4D technology for visualization, automated analysis, quantification, reporting and image management. TOMTEC products are available for adult and pediatric cardiology, obstetrics, gynecology, radiology and vascular diagnostics. Moreover, TOMTEC offers a sustainable full-service component in sales and an education program with best-practice sharing among professionals.

The company claim “Excellence in Digital Healthcare” represents striving for excellent image and analysis quality, ease-of-use, reproducibility of automated measurements and an all-around service- and education offering.

The company maintains close working relationships with many leading universities and research institutes around the world. 

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