Accessible through a web browser, this next generation zero-footprint breaks down the barriers imposed by traditional workstations and allows for freedom and flexibility with TOMTEC’s remote reading capabilities.

MUNICH, Germany, 14 June 2017 –TOMTEC ZERO  is the latest addition to the TOMTEC portfolio. Now every physician reading cardiovascular studies at locations such as the office, reading room, or from home will have full diagnostic access to all images and clinical tools, including automated strain measurements.

With mobiles devices such as laptops and tablets becoming ever more suitable for daily use, TOMTEC developed TOMTEC ZERO. TOMTEC ZERO allows you to utilize everyday necessities in the clinical work environment as well as providing you with easy access to all of your clinical tools (2D and 3D). This state-of-the-art solution delivers reliable image quality and measurement results within TOMTEC-ARENA™. TOMTEC ZERO supports the clinician’s workflow to increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Sales will commence after the release end of 2017, for commercial availability please check with your local sales representative.
Who will benefit from TOMTEC ZERO?
Cardiologists are now able to review images on mobile devices at any time. Whether they are working in the hospital, attending a conference or at home, pertinent information is just a click away.

Referring physicians can instantly access reports and studies to get results rapidly from the cardiologist.

Surgeons and anesthesiologists are able to review clinical data on laptops or tablets for surgical planning away from their usual workstation.

Satellite locations can collaborate with expert readers from the central site to deliver excellent patient care.

Peter Roesch, COO at TOMTEC CORP., explains: “Based on the feedback we received from our customers, we understand that the ability to view and analyze images from anywhere within or outside the hospital does not only impact workflow efficiency but also the quality of patient care. We designed TOMTEC ZERO to address both issues. Running inside a browser removes restrictions from where our customers can access their data without limiting the use of a wide variety of clinical analysis and collaboration tools.”

What makes TOMTEC ZERO unique?
TOMTEC ZERO can be deployed in either a private or public cloud environment. From a data security point of view it does not store patient information on devices to avoid exposure of patient data. Globally approved as a diagnostic solution TOMTEC ZERO provides image review, comprehensive measurements, automated image analysis, measurement mappings and reporting. It integrates with PACS, VNA, and EMR.
“Imagine you review a study on your tablet. As a cardiologist you need to measure and document your findings. While every user will enjoy the flexibility of a quick and intuitive study review using gesture, trying to measure and quantify or document can be a frustrating experience on a mobile device. That’s why we are already working on the next move to improve diagnostic workflows – with the help of artificial intelligence. With a future set of fully automated image analytic tools we plan to identify pathologies and prepare findings for the physician as a pre-populated clinical report”, reflects Gregor Malischnig, CMO at TOMTEC.