Workshop series in Bad Oeynhausen/Germany

The successful workshop series in Bad Oeynhausen/Germany together with PD Dr. K.T. Laser et. al. will continue

Summary 2017: workshops in March and October at the heart and diabetes centre North-Rhine-Westphalia in Bad Oeynhausen

In 2017 TOMTEC has already supported 2 workshops, being led by Dr. Laser. He shared his vast experience in creation and analysis of quantitative 3D echocardiography with the interested audience

3D Procedures in Echocardiography:

Workshop 1:   18.03.2017   RV from Acquisition to Analysis

Workshop 2:   14.10.2017   3D Echocardiogr. in Pedriatic & Adult Cardiology with Congenital Heart Defects


For the hands-on sessions the participants had access to real test persons as patients and 10 workstations to analyse the images.

These workshops are certified by the regional medical association of NRW.

The sessions met with such good response that there will be a continuation in 2018 with PD Dr. Laser.