Veterinary Medicine: Successful premiere for TOMTEC

For the first time ever TOMTEC participated at the World Veterinary Congress in Las Vegas. How comes? TOMTECs intelligent and highly precise software solutions not only make diagnostics of the human heart safer and more efficient. Animal hearts, too, benefit from automated measurements and easy to perform ultrasound examinations.

From February 16-19 2020 more than 16,000 visitors came to Las Vegas to inform themselves about the latest innovations and trends in veterinary medicine. The 92th World Veterinary Congress (WVC) presented products of 525 companies and represented 25 nationalities.

For TOMTEC as a newbie it was astonishing to see how active, advanced and innovative the whole branch is. And how much effort, energy and engagement the people working in this branch show to provide the best care they could.

There was a lively interest in the TOMTEC software solutions, topics such as automated measurement to perform reproducible results in echocardiography have priority in veterinary medicine as well. Overall the TOMTEC team was very satisfied with the conversations and the interest of the visitors.