TOMTEC workshop offers platform for new insights in pediatric cardiology

Professor Kai Thorsten Laser and colleagues recently published their results of the role of 3D echocardiography in children with congenital heart diseases in JASE. Earlier this year he already shared his findings with the visitors of TOMTECs workshop „Cardiac Function Analysis of the Right and Left Ventricle in Congenital Heart Disease – Transferring 3D-Echocardiography to Clinical Practice in Children“ that took place during the AEPC Congressin Athens, Greece.

Professor Kai Thorsten Laser, Clinic for Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW, Bad Oeynhausen, a specialist hospital for the treatment of cardiac, vascular and metabolic diseases, put the results of the paper in a nutshell: „For the first time pediatric normal values form 3D echocardiography volumetry of the right and left ventricle, including myocardial mass, are available. Quantification was performed with TOMTEC software and validated against healthy patients and cardiac MRI resulting in a high level of precision and reproducibility. With this evaluation strategy, 3D echocardiographic volumetry of the pediatric population can now be adopted in clinical practice.“

TOMTEC regularly offers educational events for cardiologists who want to catch up with latest research results  as well as tips and tricks in daily routine. 


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