3 days, 3 clinical speakers, over 60 participants.

Our standards are high and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This includes a high level of customer interaction and offering continuing education. Thus, we have been personally impacted all the more by the absence of trade fairs and congresses.

With our debut, the "1st virtual Stress Echo Interpretation Course with TOMTEC ZERO" in October last year, the starting signal for interactive online workshops was given.

As with our popular and well-attended webinars over the years, we have been able to quickly identify renowned cardiologists who are happy to share their most interesting cases with cardiologists and sonographers who are excited to deepen their clinical understanding.

From the idea to its realization, our engaged course instructors, Prof. Attila Kardos, MD, Caroline Morbach, MD and Hani Mahmoud-Elsayed, MD, have actively supported us and spared no effort to bring this idea to life with us. Without them, we would not be where we are today with our interactive course offering. Their hot topics "The Digital Interactive Interpretation Course for Stress Echocardiography (SEIC) - How is it Possible?", "Left Ventricular Hypertrophy" and “3D-TEE Role in Assessment of Mitral Para-Valvular Leaks", combined with their long time expertise made the workshops a successful event for all participants.

The 2.5-hour format includes a clinical presentation and hands-on session, followed by a Q&A round.

But the unique thing about the workshops is that participants can access the TOMTEC analysis software remotely in a guided setting from home or their workplace in the hands-on sessions and familiarize themselves with the features and functions of the software. It is exactly this aspect that allows us to establish a personal contact with the participants and to have interactive discussions afterwards in the Q&A session.

Once again, we would like to thank all participants who attended from a wide range of countries, including UK, Canada, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, Thailand, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Italy, Ghana, USA; Lebanon, Germany, Netherlands, Armenia, France, Saudia Arabia, Lithavia, Estonia, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, India, Mexico and Greece.

Until the end of the year there are many more virtual hands-on workshops to announce and we are looking forward to a lot of encouragement and the good cooperation with even more physicians.