The newly integrated reading and reporting solution breaks down existing workflow barriers, not only inside hospitals but also from remote locations

MUNICH, Germany, April 17, 2018 –TOMTEC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG; AEX: PHIA) released a software update that now enables a web-based remote reading solution. To optimize interpretation workflow, TOMTEC added the ability to have side by side workstations for image review and reporting.

Seamless transition 
Cardiologists are now able to seamlessly access images and reporting onsite and/or remotely without varying transitions.
Transferring moving image and measurement data from one modality to the next happens smoothly making it easier to review preliminary findings.

•    Seamless and automatic measurement transfer from the ultrasound system to Image-Com review and   reporting
•    Side by side review of images, measurements and reports
•    Easy access to previous study images and reports for follow up examinations
•    Ability to add images to the report with a simple drag and drop 
•    Structured report workflow combined with study status management and automated background tasks

An important element that enables workflow optimization is the implementation of TOMTEC ZERO, which was announced in 2017.

 “With this release we accomplished a milestone for our customers. Reporting has become easy and intuitive and with pre-populated measurements we can see a significant decrease in the documentation cycle. The remote reading workflow with TOMTEC ZERO allows users to review, analyze and report their findings with a web-browser from anywhere, anytime”, states Gregor Malischnig, CMO at TOMTEC.

Proven as a fully web-based diagnostic solution, TOMTEC ZERO provides image review, comprehensive measurements, automated image analysis, measurement mappings and reporting. It integrates with PACS, VNA, and EMR.

TOMTEC ZERO allows you to utilize everyday necessities in the clinical work environment. This state-of-the-art solution delivers reliable image quality and measurement results within TOMTEC-ARENA1. TOMTEC ZERO supports the clinician’s workflow to increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. For commercial availability please check with your local sales representative.

Reporting and measurements
The existing pediatric template-based reporting solution received a facelift. As a result, TTA reporting modules are now state-of-the-art and provide a segmental approach for interpretation. Z-Scores as well as a dedicated Fetal Echo workspace are included.
•    The pediatric measurement module in Image-Com aligns with pediatric workflow needs
•    New: Ability to combine pre and post-operative TEE findings within one report as well as combine stress echo findings in conjunction with a complete TTE report, if desired
User interface supported customization for measurements and reporting is intuitive and easy to use. With focus on update stability, it provides consistency where new functionality can be added without overriding existing customizations. It is user friendly, so the customers can make individual modifications themselves.
•    Has a quick fill feature to create common reports with just one click
•    PDF/A ISO-standardized version of PDF specialized for use in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents

Archiving and Communication Manager
Optimal integration within the hospital IT infrastructure is provided through these developments:
•    Smart and automated background tasks for archiving, report transfer to HIS/KIS and/or measurement export
•    It has been specifically designed to execute performance-sensitive actions like routing studies via DICOM or archiving studies on user defined triggers
•    It facilitates and automates the information transfer by using a rule-based service. Actions like auto-forwarding of finalized reports or measurement export can be triggered by different events, e.g. based on various workflow status
•    The tasks can be performed immediately or on a specified schedule for a more efficient workload
•    Ability to connect to long-term archives as well as storage devices using DICOM Standard

4D LV-ANALYSIS has been enhanced to include 3D LA assessment as an option. In conjunction with the left ventricle, the left atrial segments are tracked over time which provides quantified LA volume and dynamic pumping function data.

Product features include:

•    Semi-automatic quantification based on an anatomically correct model of the LA cavity attached to the LV cavity
•    Definition of cardiac timing: ED, ES and PreA frame time
•    Quantification of global parameters such as LA EDV, LA ESV, LA PreA Volume, LA EF, LA trueEF
•    Quantification of global Strain: LA GLS

It is not for sales in the USA. It is planned for sales in Q2 / 2018.

1 TOMTEC-ARENA is a trademark of TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.