First Hybrid Event in 2021

The joy among our Australian colleagues was great. No live events for over a year, no face2face contacts worth mentioning and almost entirely virtual meetings. Who doesn't miss the pleasure of a personal exchange?

With The ASA Brisbane - the first hybrid congress we participated in this year - a piece of normality has returned for us. Not only for TOMTEC it represents a milestone to cautiously and with small steps return to the usual and cherished normality, but for all participants of this congress. Though the format was a hybrid one, the ASA Brisbane, although limited by the COVID-19 restrictions, can look back on a large number of on-site visitors. Of the nearly 1,800 visitors, about 1/3 were there in person to finally get a taste of congress air.

The advantages of a hybrid format are obvious. People who are not physically present at the event can also participate. Participants can connect remotely, regardless of the location. In addition, content from people who are not currently present can also be transmitted to the congress center, for example lectures and presentations. Modern technology also enables interactive sessions at hybrid congresses, in which all participants can take part. This allows them to communicate, work together and access information and other content, which can also be made available online far beyond the congress. This type of event will probably be part of our lives for a long time to come, as it combines the best of both worlds, the online and the offline world.

For TOMTEC the ASA Brisbane was a success in every respect after such a long time of abstinence, be it the numerous interested visitors at the booth, the reunion with business partners and friends or meeting new people.

We are looking forward to the 2nd half of the year with its congress offers, in which we would like to participate.