Cooperation between Safe Swiss Cloud and TOMTEC for innovative diagnostic software

The cloud-based software TOMTEC ZERO makes heart diagnosis fast, safe and simple. This is also possible thanks to the secure and scalable infrastructure of the Safe Swiss Cloud.

Whether they be referring physicians, cardiologists or surgeons - doctors always work best if they have the information they need at hand in every situation and at all times. TOMTEC ZERO, the cloud-based addition to TOMTEC's product portfolio (, now offers the possibility to use cardiovascular imaging data from any location in the office, in the hospital, or at home.

This not only facilitates medical work, but also helps patients: the diagnosis is standardized and can be shared with other doctors and clinics in real time.

With the automated processing of health data in the cloud, security is the top principle - both for professional users and for the protection of patients. That is why TOMTEC opted for a strategic partnership with Swiss enterprise cloud provider Safe Swiss Cloud (

With 100 percent secure data processing in Switzerland, this also meets the stringent regulatory requirements for data protection issues in Europe.

Both companies are already planning ahead: the next generation of software should be more user-friendly with the help of artificial intelligence. "With a future package of fully-automated image-analysis tools, we are planning to identify pathologies and pre-assess findings for the physician within the clinical report," says Gregor Malischnig, CMO at TOMTEC.

Daniel Müri, CEO of Safe Swiss Cloud, is also convinced of the potential of cooperation: " In the foreseeable future, customers in shopping centers will walk into an health booth placing their chest again an ultrasonic device, within minutes they are informed of their heart condition and if necessary the appropriate cardiologist is alarmed for further diagnostic investigation, all for a low cost of one dollar. This is the power of end to end cloud computing, from measurement to treatment."