4D Sono-Scan©

4D Sono-Scan© is a comprehensive software solution to review and analyze multi-vendor 3D/4D radiologic echo data.

As a general purpose application with a large variety of functions for radiologic fields 4D Sono-Scan©1 is predestined e.g. for fetal visualization or the visualization of abdominal organs.
4D Sono-Scan©ís intuitive navigation functionality and an easy to use feature set simplify the clinical routine and shorten examination times. Layouts like Multi-Slice, Cubic-View, Curved-Slice and the classic 3D/4D volume visualization facilitate reviewing in various application fields.


Clinical Use

  • 3D comparison of serial exams.
  • Generation of automatic reference sweeps.
  • 2D Measurements (measurement of e.g. BPD, HC, AC, femur length).
  • 3D Measurements (applicable e.g. on gall bladder, tumor, cyst).
  • Fetal malformation recognition (e.g. cleft lip/palate, spina bifida).


Major Benefits

  • Layouts for different clinical fields in radiology.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation functionality.
  • Virtual re-scan functionality.
  • Vendor independent.
  • SRI filter technology for clear images.

1) For availability and country specific regulatory approval please get in contact with your TomTec representative